“Ev and Bow consistently deliver cutting edge choreography and opportunities to students seeking excellence.”

Chris Duncan
Dance Life - Managing Director

“Grayboy the Agency is one of Australia’s premier sources for dancers, musical theatre performers, choreographers and other creative talents. Ev & Bow continue to provide our agency with extraordinary talent and offer a personalised and professional service.”

Petie Fallon
Grayboy - Agency Manager

“There are few people in Australia’s contemporary dance scene who have the experience, ability, respect and reputation professionally as does Sarah Boulter. Not only is her teaching and choreography sort after, but the passion, philosophy and methodology that accompanies her work is extraordinary - catering not only to the physical and technical demands on the student, but also to the needs of a person’s soul and inner world.

It is this combination of dance expertise and soulful beauty that makes Sarah so special as a teacher and mentor to all who work with her, whether at her performing arts school Ev & Bow - or in other projects further afield. I have engaged Sarah myself for workshops in the past and have been thrilled with her work and approach. If you are looking for top quality contemporary work bound in professionalism, inspiration and genuine caring - then Sarah Boulter and Ev and Bow are for you.”

Christine Denny

I’ve been honoured to work with Sarah over the past few years and she is by far one of the best choreographers and teachers we have in Australia. Ev & Bow are producing some incredible dancers working in the industry.

Kate Wormald
Dancer / Choreographer

I had the absolute pleasure and honour of working with the incredible Sarah Boulter while filming the hit tv series “Dance Academy”. Sarah is not only the most genius and beautiful creator and choreographer, but such a nurturing, caring and collaborative teacher and mentor, she was an absolute favourite on set & during rehearsals, the entire cast and producers requested her continuously and to this day is my choreographer of choice for any dance scenes we shoot.

After training in New York City and studying contemporary dance extensively it was so wonderful to find a teacher & mentor who still had so much knowledge to pass on to me and made me re-fall in love with dance & movement all over again, while still challenging me! I love Sarah’s energy, she is such a wonderful person and inspiring lady. “Dance Academy” would not have been the same without her & I owe a huge amount of gratitude to Sarah for my experience and growth as a dancer on that show and in my career, it was an absolute career highlight to have her personally choreograph my large solo’s for the series, I am so envious of any young dancer that has the opportunity to train with Sarah from a young age, I wish I had! In my opinion, there is not a better contemporary teacher or choreographer in Australia.

Dena Kaplan
Actress / Dancer

Ev and Bow is not simply a dance school it is a pre-professional year which nurtures students as they approach a career in the dance industry. With so many of their students working in dance companies here in Australia as well overseas it is testiment to the success of the programme Ev and Bow offers.

Director’s Sarah Boulter and Lisa Bowman are industry professionals who not only educate their students in everything they need to take forward into a dance career but they bring valuable industry choreographers, directors and agents into the studio giving students access to key contacts.

Steve Watson
Artistic Director

I have collaborated with Ev & Bow Dance on a number of projects, their work is slick and professional with the students able to deliver under extreme conditions. This is testament to the phenomenal vision exuded by Sarah Boulter, whom can take an idea and transform it into a working masterpiece for the stage, television or corporate events. The Ev & Bow students are simply the best dancers I’ve ever worked with in showbiz.

Adam Mada
Mada Productions - Magician

I can easily say auditioning for Ev & Bow is one of the best decisions that I have made. I went to Ev & Bow for 2 years and grew such a strong connection to the place. I was taught how to expand myself as a dancer, I was pushed to my full potential and I learnt how to hold myself as a professional in the industry. Ev & Bow has a great reputation, they supply some of the best teachers there are in Australia. I was constantly given challenges throughout my time at Ev & Bow, I never once felt complacent or bored. They gave me a creative push to develop my own style and I found it really easy to communicate with the staff.

Sarah is one of the most influential teachers and choreographers I have ever worked with. She has a high level of expectation, which made me work to my extremities. She passed all of her knowledge down to me, which will stay with me for my career in dance. She understands how to work with people who have a passion for dance and how to achieve fast improvements from dancers. In my opinion Ev & Bow is the perfect platform to get you prepared for a career in dance.

Tyler Carney
Dancer / Past Ev & Bow Student

2011 was the hardest yet the most rewarding year of my life to date. I was welcomed into the Ev & Bow family with warm kind hearts. Coming into the institute as a Hip Hop dancer, I was very anxious and nervous as to what I was getting myself into. To my surprise, Sarah Boulter and Lisa Bowmer encouraged me to bring my interpretation of movement into their teachings. The skills I have learnt from the Ev & Bow faculty is so desired in today’s industry. The one thing I will never forget about being an ‘Ev & Bow’ dancer was when I had taken an open class the teacher asked me, “Where did you train? I have never seen such a long powerful yet soft dancer”. I had told him Ev & Bow and he just simply nodded and chuckled, “I’m not surprised”.

The connections and network that the school has provided for me has been ecstatic; secondments, private auditions, work opportunities and the list goes on. I can say with confidence that everything that I have been taught from the school over the 2 years has been vital and unique in all the works and training I now am apart of. If it’s a career in dance you’re searching for, let Ev & Bow be that platform.

William Keohavong
Dancer / Past Ev & Bow Student

I first started at Ev & Bow when I was 15. At such a young age to start fulltime Sarah & Lisa not only guided me, but inspired me everyday of the journey. Sarah & Lisa have such a positive way of teaching which I believe brings out the best in each and every one of there students.

Ev & Bow strives for absolute perfection and goes about it in such a respectful and exciting manner. I enjoy every second working with Sarah & Lisa. Three years later Sarah & Lisa are still guiding me and I still continue to learn new things. Each class still has me just as excited as my first. Without Ev & Bow I would not be where I am.

Maddie Peat
Dancer / Past Ev & Bow Student

Sarah was my biggest inspiration studying as a chid. I couldn’t have wished for a more perfect role model, as a dancer and as a person. It always baffled me that she could be the most get le and humble person, and also the most incredible dancer and teacher I had learnt off. Still to this day I thank her for shaping a huge part of myself as a performer and for continuing to be an iconic inspiration to myself and many other dancers.

Morgan Choice

Ev & Bow provided me with such quality training, finding the perfect balance between fun, creativity and hard work! It was the most valuable stepping stone, and bridges the gap between student and professional.

Jessica Hesketh
Dancer / Past Ev & Bow Student

Casting the dancing extras for 2 seasons of Dance Academy, I was introduced to the world of dance and the wonderful expertise of Sarah Boulter. Sarah was a favourite choreographer on Dance Academy, and the dancers that she brought to us from Ev & Bow became regulars on the show due to their extraordinary abilities and professionalism.

When I was required to find a choreographer and dancers for Series 2 of Puberty Blues, I was totally unsurprised to find that Sarah and Ev & Bow had already been booked for Series 1. With a unique understanding of the requirements of film and television, and professionalism and talent that is hard to match, Ev & Bow and Sarah Boulter remain at the top of my list of dance professionals to use in any production that I work on.

Morgan Smallbone
Extras Casting Director

Ev & Bow is the place where I found my groove! If it wasn’t for Ev & Bow I wouldn’t be dancing today

Neale Whittaker
Dancer / Past Ev & Bow Student

Ev & Bow was the best 2 years of my life! It is one big happy family and you are encouraged to be an individual performer/artist!

Samantha Hines
Dancer / Past Ev & Bow Student

Ev & Bow is an incredible school with professionalism, integrity and passion that is truly unique. I successfully attained work in the professional industry shortly after graduating and I thank Ev & Bow for helping me reach my full potential

Christopher Favaloro
Dancer / Past Ev & Bow Student

I believe Ev & Bow offers the best contemporary dance training for any young dancer in Sydney. After having already trained and worked with internationally recognized teachers and choreographers before attending Ev & Bow, I believe that the caliber of teachers at Ev & Bow are of the highest standard and that the training offered throughout the program is current and industry relevant.

My time at Ev & Bow helped me grow as a dancer and made it possible for me to get work at a higher performance level to what I was reaching in the past.

Paul Walker
Dancer / Past Ev & Bow Student

Ev and Bow’s students are of a notably higher standard than most other training facilities at which I’ve taught. In many aspects, the standard of their work parallels the abilities of tertiary level graduates across Australia. It’s always a pleasure to teach students who are keen to progress, supportive of each other and respectful of their craft.

Paul White
Dance / Choreographer